Stoughton.. it's a town. / by Kristinn Agnarsson

In Wisconsin to be preciese. 

We played Chicago yesterday. A great crowd and also very supportive and warm. I had a weird gig though, I kept dropping sticks and making small mistakes, I don't know what caused this, but it was a strange one. I don't think anybody noticed anything though...

Ásgeir dragged me along to sign some records and stuff after the gig and I thought it was very funny to be posing for pictures with people who CLEARLY only wanted themselves and Ásgeir in the picture. A good time was had by all. 

We spent some good time in the city. I bought a couple of hats, 2 t-shirts and some vinyl. We got good food, good coffe and heard some blues. It was questionable, but then again, it was monday night. 

A girl winked at me and took my picture so it was a good day.

Steini changing the strings on his guitar. Stoughton, Wisconsin. 

Tonight we play Stoughton in Wisconsin. A beautiful venue here, the Opera House. I was built in 1901 and then was closed in 1950. It opened again in 2000 if I understood correctly. Did I mention it is HOT here? It is. Very. 

Tomorrow we play Minneapolis. Last time I played there Prince bought a ticket but didn't show. That was with John Grant. I  remember it being a very clean city. Looking forward to going there again.