Montreal. / by Kristinn Agnarsson

Kiddi on the bus on the way to Montreal.

So since we last spoke we've played Minneapolis, Detroit, and Toronto. 
The gigs were all great, each different. We had some technical difficulties in Detroit and Toronto but nothing major. At least the gigs were played. 
In Minneapolis, we had a Five Guys burger and an idea. Why not visit Paisley Park? If you don't know, it's Prince's home/studio/concert venue/nightclub/dance studio/video editing suite/basketball court/lovepad. And it's great. A great day and special thanks to drummer Kirk Johnson who couldn't have been nicer to us. A gentleman. And impeccably dressed too!

Then it was Detroit. I have never seen so many worn down and abandoned houses. Still a great city to visit, not least because we had the time to visit Hitsville U.S.A or Motown! What a blast! Our guide was awesome, singing and dancing with us through the legendary house and then onto the basement/garage/studio where hundreds of hits were written and recorded by legends. It's a "holy" place in music if there ever was one. I had goosebumps and shivers being there. An experience I will cherish. 

Then it was Toronto, of course, most famous for being the hometown of Rush! Enough for me, I say!

Steini and Ásgeir enjoying delicious birthday cake.

Now we are in Montreal and tomorrow is a gig here. Very warm today and so not much was done except relax. 
Except throwing a surprise party for Kiddi who's birthday is today. We got him a cake and coke and a condom. In Canada. It all rhymes you see. Kinda. 

Untill next time!


Júlíus cutting the cake in the surprise party, using his sim-card thingy. 

Cake is good.