Backstage with Baggalútur. by Kristinn Agnarsson

Just a couple of pictures from the last weekend with Baggalútur during our crazy christmas show marathon. 18 shows in december!
Still playing around with color and widescreen crops.  

Fuji X-T2.
Mitakon 35mm f/0.95
Fuji 56mm f/1.2
Samyang 8mm f/2.8

You can click on any photo for a bigger version. 


Start of rehearsals. Dísa, the newest member of Baggalútur setting up her keyboard and mic. 

Gummi laughing at something Helgi said. Not an unusual occurrence.

Gummi P wondering why the hell I just can't leave him the hell alone. :D

During a break in rehearsals.

My setup for the concerts. 

Keyboard master Eyþór in his mothership. 

Getting ready for the first gig of the day. 

Kjartan checking the microphone on his trumpet. 

Jón Valur and Kristbjörn looking at something interesting backstage. 

Guðmundur getting into his red suit. 

Dísa and Ingi doing last minutes checks to see if they are stage ready. 

Kjartan making sure his trumpet works. It always works. Very well. 

The American Widescreen versions by Kristinn Agnarsson

Hey.. just a couple of photos from the Asgeir US tour below. I felt like playing around with some color this time and crop in a 16:9 for a film-like effect. Although I mostly work in B&W, sometimes it's good to try something different. 
I pretentiously call it The American Widescreen Versions.

Fuji X-T2 and mostly the Samyang 12mm or 8mm. 

You can click on any photo for a bigger version. 


Tommi and Kiddi at the Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market.

Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market

Guarding the equipment outside our venue in Philly.

Time to do some tandem bicycling. 

Nashville. Just up the road from Fork's Drum Closet. 

Backstage at the venue in Nashville. The brothers do their best Vaughan impression.

It's christmas time... almost. by Kristinn Agnarsson

So, long time no see. 

I've had some health issuse and I have not had the energy to take many photos or write anything remotely interesting. But I am getting better slowly I think. So here is what's up now. 

Yearly christmas gigs with Baggalútur. Here is a pic from rehearsals. Gummi Pé and Ingi resting during a short break. 

I'm playing around with a new program called Exposure X3. I'm not quite sold yet, but Lightroom is a bitch to use these days, it's so slow, so I'm trying something new. 

Hopefully I have something more exiting to write about later. I might even tell you about my health issues. Exiting stuff!

Ingi the bass player and Gummi the guitar player during a short break during rehearsals. 

Philadephia. by Kristinn Agnarsson

Woke up in Philadelphia today.
Yesterday was great. We played Cambridge and I got to meet an old friend. 
The audience was so good. You could feel that they were listening intently.
I took a walk around the Harvard campus. It's a cool area. I have to spend some time there sometime. 

A rare photo in color. Outside the venue in Philadelphia. 

Tómas and Kiddi at the market. 

I can feel that the tour is now almost 4 weeks old. Everything after 3 weeks on tour feels harder. The gigs themselves are always fun, it's mostly the travel, the sleeping on the bus and so forth. 
That's why I'm happy to be in a hotel today. Steini and me had pizza. As usual. :)

Like I said I woke up on the bus and took a walk to the center of town. I found Kiddi and Tómas in a café and had some coffee. Then we looked around a market here. I took some pictures. Not much to tell really. Couldn't be bothered to do the tourist thingy today. No energy. 

Before I forget, while in NY I bought a new lens for my Fuji X-T2. It's a Samyang 8mm 2.8. I still haven't totally figured it out, but it's a fun lens to use. You can see some sample pictures in this blog post. I still have to find out how to get more sharpness, but then again with this kind of distorted lens, sharpness isn't crucial. 

I'm too tired to write anything fun really so I'll catch you on the other side. 

And of course, Philly Cheesestake. 

Montreal. by Kristinn Agnarsson

Kiddi on the bus on the way to Montreal.

So since we last spoke we've played Minneapolis, Detroit, and Toronto. 
The gigs were all great, each different. We had some technical difficulties in Detroit and Toronto but nothing major. At least the gigs were played. 
In Minneapolis, we had a Five Guys burger and an idea. Why not visit Paisley Park? If you don't know, it's Prince's home/studio/concert venue/nightclub/dance studio/video editing suite/basketball court/lovepad. And it's great. A great day and special thanks to drummer Kirk Johnson who couldn't have been nicer to us. A gentleman. And impeccably dressed too!

Then it was Detroit. I have never seen so many worn down and abandoned houses. Still a great city to visit, not least because we had the time to visit Hitsville U.S.A or Motown! What a blast! Our guide was awesome, singing and dancing with us through the legendary house and then onto the basement/garage/studio where hundreds of hits were written and recorded by legends. It's a "holy" place in music if there ever was one. I had goosebumps and shivers being there. An experience I will cherish. 

Then it was Toronto, of course, most famous for being the hometown of Rush! Enough for me, I say!

Steini and Ásgeir enjoying delicious birthday cake.

Now we are in Montreal and tomorrow is a gig here. Very warm today and so not much was done except relax. 
Except throwing a surprise party for Kiddi who's birthday is today. We got him a cake and coke and a condom. In Canada. It all rhymes you see. Kinda. 

Untill next time!


Júlíus cutting the cake in the surprise party, using his sim-card thingy. 

Cake is good. 

Stoughton.. it's a town. by Kristinn Agnarsson

In Wisconsin to be preciese. 

We played Chicago yesterday. A great crowd and also very supportive and warm. I had a weird gig though, I kept dropping sticks and making small mistakes, I don't know what caused this, but it was a strange one. I don't think anybody noticed anything though...

Ásgeir dragged me along to sign some records and stuff after the gig and I thought it was very funny to be posing for pictures with people who CLEARLY only wanted themselves and Ásgeir in the picture. A good time was had by all. 

We spent some good time in the city. I bought a couple of hats, 2 t-shirts and some vinyl. We got good food, good coffe and heard some blues. It was questionable, but then again, it was monday night. 

A girl winked at me and took my picture so it was a good day.

Steini changing the strings on his guitar. Stoughton, Wisconsin. 

Tonight we play Stoughton in Wisconsin. A beautiful venue here, the Opera House. I was built in 1901 and then was closed in 1950. It opened again in 2000 if I understood correctly. Did I mention it is HOT here? It is. Very. 

Tomorrow we play Minneapolis. Last time I played there Prince bought a ticket but didn't show. That was with John Grant. I  remember it being a very clean city. Looking forward to going there again. 


It's a blur... by Kristinn Agnarsson

So far we've played Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Solana Beach (San Diego) and Salt Lake City. 
Now I'm sitting on the bus in Boulder, Colorado. 
The legendary Fillmore in San Fransisco was a treat. So much history and the staff there was awesome and the show was good. Then it was The Troubadour in LA. Just as legendary a venue, but the LA attitudes are a bit less welcoming than in San Fransisco. 
I did, however, have the best vegan meal of my life at the Gracias Madre in LA. Unbelievable. 

I've just had a cold shower on the bus since the venues here in America tend not to have showers. I don't know why... they don't don't! Nobody seems to know why. It's a mystery. 

Backstage at the Troubadour in LA. 

We had a day off in Las Vegas. It's like a giant 5 year old built a city with his huge legos. It's stupidly spectacular and stupid at the same time. 

Since I was in Vegas, of course, I had to play some poker. I found a low-stakes cashgame and met some interesting people and played a little. It was fun. 
I beat Vegas this time and made some money. All of whom I spent the next day on clothes in SLC. 

Anyways, tomorrow it's a day off somewhere in Omaha and then Chicago I think?

See ya later dudes and dudettes!

Mark taking care of business at the Troubadour in LA. 

America... by Kristinn Agnarsson

Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon.

So, after a rather nice and uneventful flight from Reykjavík to Seattle, we met our new FOH person Teresa. She is doing this American leg with us and couldn't be more professional and brilliant. Then we got on the bus and met our very nice driver William. He is from Nashville and cool as a cucumber. 

We drove straight to Vancouver where we played a gig. I can't honestly remember much about it except jet lag. What I CAN remember about the city is the absolute huge amount of homeless people. I've never seen anything like it. When I was there about 4 years ago I didn't notice this. 

Then it was Neumos in Seattle. Very nice gig and a lovely crowd. I got to meet some people I know and visited the absolutely coolest bookstore I've ever been to. It's called The Elliot Bay Book Company and I want to live there. If you are in Seattle and you love books you HAVE to check it out. 

Seattle is a very happening place.. at least the area around Neumos. 

Now we are in Portland. It's weird. 
Not in a bad way.. Just a little weird. I might be basing that off the weirdest vegan meal I've had in my life... and I've only had a couple. Still a good day off. Some nice food, good coffee and lot's of uber-ing. I've played here before as well and looking forward to tomorrow. 

Our home for the next month or so. 

last gig of this leg by Kristinn Agnarsson

I fell asleep in Belgium. I woke up in the Netherlands. 

The last gig is tonight at the beautiful Caprera Openluchttheater in Blomendaal. I've played here once before with John Grant. Maybe 3 years ago?

Anyways, last night in Belgium was in a beautiful venue in Bruges. What an amazing city. I must come here again to look at it more. The architecture is amazing. 

Here are a couple of pictures from the studio we went to in Amsterdam. We recorded one new song.. a beautiful ballad-y song. Maybe one day you will hear it. 


Steini flying on the bass. 

Ásgeir and Friðjón getting sounds. 

couple of pics by Kristinn Agnarsson

Nothing much happening at the moment. A couple of days off in Amsterdam. Mostly spent gathering energy. I bought socks. Watched TV. Ate food. 

So, a couple of pics:

Ásgeir soundchecking in Nimes, France. 

Steini Teague going over his parts somewhere in Australia.

...somwhere in Germany by Kristinn Agnarsson

So, where did I last leave you?

Anyways we did South-Korea and then it was off to Japan. Staying for a night in the lovely Shibuya part of Tokyo. I fell deeply in love with this part of Tokyo when I was there last time and taking a walk around there now did nothing to lessen my love. 

Kiddi making sure everything is working before we go on stage at Fuji Rock

Then it was off to Fuji Rock. It's a long drive, but the scenery more than makes up for it. It's staggering. Endless valleys and beautiful mountains full of trees. I've seen nothing like it before. 

The Fuji Rock gig went pretty well I think and we were honored to have the former mayor of Reykavík and all-around funny guy Jón Gnarr watching us from the side stage along with Björk's daughter Isabella. 

After the gig me and Liam went on a fruitless search for a mythical hamburger said to be found in the area. No luck. 

Then it was 2 days off in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. I prefer Shibuya, but this was nice as well. Me and Kiddi found the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, and had some. It was good, but not worth the money. :D

Now after 12 hours on a plane and 13 hours on a bus I'm somewhere in Germany. We are playing a festival called the Apple Tree Garden or something. Wished we could have been here a couple of days later so I could have seen Aurora who is playing here. 

Tomorrow is another festival somewhere here and then some days off. 

I'll write more then. Right now I'm almost too tired to think. 

down under... by Kristinn Agnarsson

Steini having a quiet moment with his coke. 

Australia is great. 
The internet there is not. 

We have been on tour now since.. whatever. I can't be bothered to look up the date.
Started in Europe and then on to Australia. The European gigs were great. Especially the one in Nimes in a beautiful amphitheater. 

Loooong flight. I had forgotten just how grueling the journey is. It fucked me up. I woke up in Australia after many, many hours on a plane and I was sick. And not just a little sick. Very sick.

But the show must go on. So pumped full of all kinds of (legal) drugs we played The beautiful Enmore Theatre in Sydney and then on to the Splendor in the Grass festival. By now my fever was making me question reality and I remember during our festival set there that I began to wonder what country I was in. I was for some reason sure it was Holland. I struggled with this for a while during the set but then remembered I was in Australia.

Steini and Kiddi take a breather before the gig at the Emore Theatre

Me and Steingrímur went to an amazing aquarium in Seoul. 

Melbourne. Asgeir is sick as well. I'm a little better but still not great. The gig has to be cut short because Asgeir is losing his voice and I'm feeling faint on stage.

I have to tip my hat to the amazing audience that night, they knew we were sick but they helped us get as far as we could. There was a lot of love in that room. We will be back to make it up to them. 

Then it was Perth. By now I'm much better, but Steini is sick now and Asgeir is taking steroids to get his voice back. The Perth gig is great. Again, fantastic audience and everything is fantastic about Australia. Exept the bloody Intenet.  
So today I woke up in Seoul. I slept for 11 hours. I think the longest I've been able to sleep on this tour sofar is 3-4 hours at a time.
We are playing a festival here today and then tomorrow it off to my favorite city in the world, Tokyo. I can't wait and I hope I'm feeling better when we are there since it's a city I want to use all my free time to explore. 

See you on the other side. 

Seoul. 28. July 2017. 

Nimes by Kristinn Agnarsson

Yesterday was Nimes, France with London Grammar. 
So hot during soundcheck that some of our gear refused to cooperate. 

We did manage to get it all working right before showtime. 

The venue is one of the more beautiful ones I've ever played. An old Roman amphitheater.
The gig went ok I think despite the heat and  people seemed to like it.

Today we are in London and tomorrow it's a short flight to Australia.  

Ásgeir soundchecking in the heat yesterday. 

Ásgeir soundchecking in the heat yesterday. 

Europe/Australia/Asia/Europe by Kristinn Agnarsson

Heading out again with Ásgeir soon. Very much looking forward to it since it includes Australia where I've only been once before and Japan which I also love. Can't wait to be in Tokyo again!
South Korea is also a country I've not been before so that's very exiting. 

I'll be updating this blog on tour with pictues and some stories, perhaps a little short tale about each gig. 

See  you soon!

24 hour party people by Kristinn Agnarsson

Getting ready to record one of the first 7". 

Getting ready to record one of the first 7". 

So the Ásgeir camp got the crazy idea to do a 24-hour non-stop live broadcast from the Hljóðriti studio in Iceland. The idea was to record straight to 7" vinyl and that every vinyl would be totally unique and singular. 
So we started at 17:00 on a Wednesday and finished on a Thursday at 17:00. 
All in all there were 30 7" albums recorded and 60 songs. 

These albums will be distributed all over the world and people will have the chance of getting one of them through some sort of a treasure hunt. Check the Asgeir website for more details. 

I played on some of the songs and also took some pictures. 

Making sure it all sounds good. 

Making sure it all sounds good. 

Through the camera eye. 

Through the camera eye.