so... drums? / by Kristinn Agnarsson

Recently I haven't posted a lot here on music. Fact is I haven't been drumming a lot since December. I needed to take a break. For both mental and health reasons. Exciting stuff. 
I've got tinnitus. It's a bitch. 

Anyways, I'm much better these days and I have just recently started playing drums in a musical here in Reykjavík called Ellý and is about one of Iceland's most beloved singers, Ellý Vilhjálms. She was one of the first professional female singers in Iceland and lived a very interesting life. 

I got the call a couple of weeks ago and did my first show a week ago. No rehearsal with the cast... I just prepared well and showed up. It went pretty well I think. 

I'll probably shoot some pictures at some point of the cast and crew and backstage life. 

So, to recap, I've not stopped making music, but I enjoy writing about photography more these days and I spend a lot of time reading about watches, my newest obsession. Hope my wallet survives that! :D