Helios 44-1 58mm f/2 - My newest obsession / by Kristinn Agnarsson

I have to admit that a $40 old Russian lens was not the lens I figured would become my favorite to use on the Fuji X-T2. The Fuji lenses are awesome and I have a few. But these past weeks I've gotten into shooting fully manually, and yes that means no auto-focus either.
And this old Russian lens is pure fun. 

I use focus-peaking on the camera which makes it so easy to use manual focus. And the color and bokeh I'm getting from this lens is all kinds of awesome.
This picture of my friend Ingi sitting at his dinner table is lit from above with a single light that was hanging from the ceiling. I only did minimal processing work in Lightroom, WB-correction and a slight vignette and some contrast. That's it!