America... / by Kristinn Agnarsson

Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon.

So, after a rather nice and uneventful flight from Reykjavík to Seattle, we met our new FOH person Teresa. She is doing this American leg with us and couldn't be more professional and brilliant. Then we got on the bus and met our very nice driver William. He is from Nashville and cool as a cucumber. 

We drove straight to Vancouver where we played a gig. I can't honestly remember much about it except jet lag. What I CAN remember about the city is the absolute huge amount of homeless people. I've never seen anything like it. When I was there about 4 years ago I didn't notice this. 

Then it was Neumos in Seattle. Very nice gig and a lovely crowd. I got to meet some people I know and visited the absolutely coolest bookstore I've ever been to. It's called The Elliot Bay Book Company and I want to live there. If you are in Seattle and you love books you HAVE to check it out. 

Seattle is a very happening place.. at least the area around Neumos. 

Now we are in Portland. It's weird. 
Not in a bad way.. Just a little weird. I might be basing that off the weirdest vegan meal I've had in my life... and I've only had a couple. Still a good day off. Some nice food, good coffee and lot's of uber-ing. I've played here before as well and looking forward to tomorrow. 

Our home for the next month or so.