...somwhere in Germany / by Kristinn Agnarsson

So, where did I last leave you?

Anyways we did South-Korea and then it was off to Japan. Staying for a night in the lovely Shibuya part of Tokyo. I fell deeply in love with this part of Tokyo when I was there last time and taking a walk around there now did nothing to lessen my love. 

Kiddi making sure everything is working before we go on stage at Fuji Rock

Then it was off to Fuji Rock. It's a long drive, but the scenery more than makes up for it. It's staggering. Endless valleys and beautiful mountains full of trees. I've seen nothing like it before. 

The Fuji Rock gig went pretty well I think and we were honored to have the former mayor of Reykavík and all-around funny guy Jón Gnarr watching us from the side stage along with Björk's daughter Isabella. 

After the gig me and Liam went on a fruitless search for a mythical hamburger said to be found in the area. No luck. 

Then it was 2 days off in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. I prefer Shibuya, but this was nice as well. Me and Kiddi found the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, and had some. It was good, but not worth the money. :D

Now after 12 hours on a plane and 13 hours on a bus I'm somewhere in Germany. We are playing a festival called the Apple Tree Garden or something. Wished we could have been here a couple of days later so I could have seen Aurora who is playing here. 

Tomorrow is another festival somewhere here and then some days off. 

I'll write more then. Right now I'm almost too tired to think.