It's christmas time... almost. / by Kristinn Agnarsson

So, long time no see. 

I've had some health issuse and I have not had the energy to take many photos or write anything remotely interesting. But I am getting better slowly I think. So here is what's up now. 

Yearly christmas gigs with Baggalútur. Here is a pic from rehearsals. Gummi Pé and Ingi resting during a short break. 

I'm playing around with a new program called Exposure X3. I'm not quite sold yet, but Lightroom is a bitch to use these days, it's so slow, so I'm trying something new. 

Hopefully I have something more exiting to write about later. I might even tell you about my health issues. Exiting stuff!

Ingi the bass player and Gummi the guitar player during a short break during rehearsals.