Philadephia. / by Kristinn Agnarsson

Woke up in Philadelphia today.
Yesterday was great. We played Cambridge and I got to meet an old friend. 
The audience was so good. You could feel that they were listening intently.
I took a walk around the Harvard campus. It's a cool area. I have to spend some time there sometime. 

A rare photo in color. Outside the venue in Philadelphia. 

Tómas and Kiddi at the market. 

I can feel that the tour is now almost 4 weeks old. Everything after 3 weeks on tour feels harder. The gigs themselves are always fun, it's mostly the travel, the sleeping on the bus and so forth. 
That's why I'm happy to be in a hotel today. Steini and me had pizza. As usual. :)

Like I said I woke up on the bus and took a walk to the center of town. I found Kiddi and Tómas in a café and had some coffee. Then we looked around a market here. I took some pictures. Not much to tell really. Couldn't be bothered to do the tourist thingy today. No energy. 

Before I forget, while in NY I bought a new lens for my Fuji X-T2. It's a Samyang 8mm 2.8. I still haven't totally figured it out, but it's a fun lens to use. You can see some sample pictures in this blog post. I still have to find out how to get more sharpness, but then again with this kind of distorted lens, sharpness isn't crucial. 

I'm too tired to write anything fun really so I'll catch you on the other side. 

And of course, Philly Cheesestake.